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Niche Inc. is the largest international provider of LCADS cargo parachutes. We specialize in high-end manufacturing and precision sewing for Military, Aerospace, Humanitarian and Commercial purposes. Using our on-site machine shop to fabricate custom machinery, we are capable of premium craftsmanship for our diverse range of products. Our skilled team of designers and engineers work closely with clients to ensure exacting technical specifications are met, and high-performance quality goods are produced. Niche Inc.’s highly trained staff completes all construction in-house, allowing us to finish best-in-class cargo parachutes to the highest standards.

Manufacturing Capabilities

With over 700,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Niche Inc. responds to large contract orders by scaling up production capacity rapidly. Using precision guides, fixtures and jigs, our machine shop guarantees an iron clad quality control system on the factory floor. Our dedicated team of engineers and staff make sure every product is constructed and packaged, ready for your mission.

Military / Commercial Cut & Sew

Quality contract sewing for: US Military, Aerospace, Healthcare, Biotech, and other industries. Our experience manufacturing military goods ensures we meet your Government contracts’ quality standards.

Production & Quality Control

Our machine shop separates us from the competition by using custom fixtures in all work stations. In 2012 our first-in-class production capabilities allowed us to scale up to 965 employees and maintain high quality.

Military Parachutes

Manufactured products include cargo parachutes designed by the US Military’s LCADS program, release clips, and a fast delivery system by helicopter known as the Enhanced Speed Bag.

Work With Us

Our cargo parachutes have been successfully airdropped in the most remote places on earth, from emergency food drops to supplying troops in combat zones. Niche Inc.’s modern facilities and skilled team have produced over 250,000 parachutes for the U.S. Department of Defense, while being awarded the DLA’s Supplier of the Year in 2012.
Our team also proudly manufactures goods for the aerospace, healthcare and biotech industries. Whatever your particular mission is, our tested experience in manufacturing quality goods has you covered.

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