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Niche Inc proudly stands as the largest international manufacturer and provider of LCADS cargo parachutes. Our Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems (LCADS) offer a one-time use, cost-effective solution for airdrops. These airdrops are common for military resupply missions, training exercises, and humanitarian aid operations. Our LCADS cargo parachutes are engineered to meet the diverse needs of these scenarios, offering reliability and precision to ensure successful airdrops in any situation.

Benefits of Niche Inc LCADS Parachutes

  • Performance: Proven Success & Track Record within the US Military. More than 250,000 Cargo parachutes manufactured.
  • Price: Our LCADS Parachutes are engineered to be both cost-effective and practical for one-time use, particularly in situations where parachute recovery is not possible.
  • Speed: In Stock & Ready to Ship

(LCADS) Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems

Niche Inc is the leading manufacturer and source for LCADS Parachutes

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Low velocity parachute about to delivery payload to the ground. Mountains in background.

Low Velocity Parachutes

The (LCLV) Low Cost Low Velocity Parachute is a single use parachute that allows 501-2,200 pounds of cargo. The payload can be dropped from Low to Medium Altitude (1,000 feet AGL - 13,000 feet MSL). Descent Rate is less than 28 feet per second.

Niche Inc has produced over 100,000 Low Velocity Parachutes

NSN: 1670-01-547-0401

LCLV Parachutes - More Information
High velocity cargo parachutes deployed at a high altitude to delivery supplies to troops on the ground.

High Velocity Parachute

The (LCHV) Low Cost High Velocity Parachute is a single use parachute that allows 501-2,200 pounds of cargo to be airdropped. Medium to High Altitude CDS Airdrop (3,000 feet AGL - 25,000 feet MSL). Descent Rate 60-90 feet per second.

NSN: 1670-01-529-1202

HV Parachute - More Information
LCLA cargo parachutes airdropped in Antarctica

(LCLA) Low Cost Low Altitude , Cross Parachutes

Niche has been manufacturing LCLA Parachutes since 2008. Over the past few years we have made more than 100,000 units that have gone directly to Afghanistan. This single use parachute holds 90-200 pounds of cargo and can be dropped at 150 feet AGL. The LCLAs can also be clustered with up to 3 canopies per load with a maximum capacity of 600 pounds at 150 feet AGL.

NSN: 1670-01-551-5433

LCLA - More Information
LCGR - Low Cost Ground Release, allows for the parachute and payload to disconnect upon impact with the ground.

Low Cost Ground Release

Automatic Separation between the Parachute & Payload upon impact.

This low cost and practical device allows for automatic parachute disconnect between the parachute and payload upon impact with the ground. It is compatible with all small and medium cargo parachutes and can be used on cargo loads from 200-5,000 pounds in winds in excess of 20 knots. 

NSN: 1670-01-610-3893
P/N 11-1-8450-1

LCGR - More Information
The enhanced speed bag system shows the payload beginning its descent from the Black Hawk Helicopter. Usually they hover around 100' above ground level.

Enhanced Speed Bag System

Helicopter Cargo Delivery / Resupply System

The Enhanced Speed Bag System is designed to deliver supplies via black hawk helicopter. Using the braking mechanism to deliver supplies fast and the padded cargo bag to protect the cargo during delivery.

Enhanced Speed Bag System (ESBS)
NSN: 1670-01-628-5813 

Enhanced Speed Bag Refurbish (ESBR)
NSN: 1670-01-628-6841

Speed Bag - More Information
Low Cost Container shown here rigged up and ready to be airdropped out of the plane.

Low Cost Container

This expendable A-22 container is capable of containing loads from 501-2,200 pounds. This unit offers a 50% cost reduction over the legacy A-22 container. It is compatible with the LCADS Low Velocity Parachutes and High Velocity parachutes as well as the G12 and the 26’ HV, and the LCGR (Low Cost Ground Release). 

NSN: 1670-01-523-7246

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