Low Cost Low Velocity Parachutes

The (LCLV) Low Cost Low Velocity Cargo Parachute offers a cost-effective, single-use solution. It serves as a practical alternative to the G12 parachute, particularly when recovery is unfeasible. In 2012, the Low Velocity Parachute played a pivotal role in supporting over 30,000 US Troops in Afghanistan, solely relying on aerial deliveries. This parachute stands as a vital component of the LCADS Family, which stands for Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems, ensuring efficiency and unwavering dependability in every drop.

Product Information

  • <28 FPS Descent Rate
  • Weight Requirements 500 - 2,200 pounds
  • Low to Medium Altitude CDS (1,000 feet AGL - 13,000 feet MSL)
  • Combat Resupply
  • Humanitarian Airdrop
  • Aircraft C-17 & C-130
  • One-Time Use / Disposable / Pre-Packed Parachutes
  • NSN: 1670-01-547-0401

In Stock & Ready to Ship

We can fit a quantity of 80 Low Velocity Parachutes in a 40' Cargo Container.
Depending on the situation we may be able to fill a container or a tractor trailer within a day or two.

Niche Inc is the leading manufacturer and source for LCADS Parachutes