High Velocity Parachutes

The (LCHV) Low Cost High Velocity Parachute offers a high-altitude aerial delivery solution. It's a practical choice for scenarios where low-altitude airdrops are impractical or too risky. This cost-effective, single-use parachute arrives pre-packed by Niche Inc.

Product Information

  • Medium to High Altitude CDS Airdrop (3,000 feet AGL - 25,000 feet MSL)
  • 60-90 FPS Descent Rate
  • High Velocity, 60-90 FPS Descent Rate
  • 500-2,200 Pounds
  • Non-Fragile Payloads
  • Combat Resupply
  • Humanitarian Airdrop
  • NSN 1670-01-529-1202

In Stock. Ready to Ship

We have thousands of High Velocity Parachutes in Stock and Ready to Ship. We can fill a truck or a shipping container typically within a day or two of ordering.

Multiple payloads are lined up and prepared for a cargo parachute delivery for humanitarian aid. The high velocity parachutes are stacked on top of the cargo and the low cost container wraps around the cargo where the parachute will be connected. Rigged in Jordan airdropped in Syria.

Rigging Preparations

Each load is carefully prepared before being loaded into the plane.

The parachute is on top and can be combined with our Low Cost Container as shown in the photo.

High velocity cargo parachutes have been rigged inside the plane for humanitarian aid to be dropped in Syria.

Ready for Airdrop

The High Velocity Parachutes are almost ready for air drop. The parachute riggers take the final steps to make sure everything is ready.

High Velocity Parachute - Airdrop Video