Cargo Parachutes for Humanitarian Airdrops

We have thousands of cargo parachutes in Stock and Ready to ship.

Our parachute systems helps lower the cost for Humanitarian Airdrops. They are proven to be successful within the US Military airdropping more than 200 million pounds in Afghanistan using LCADS parachutes. The (LCADS) Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems was designed to be a lower cost alternative to the expensive nylon cargo parachutes. LCADS are designed to be one-time use and expendable. They also come pre-packed from the manufacturer (Niche Inc).

Articles about Successful Airdrops in Afghanistan (Over 200 Million Pounds)

200+ Million Pounds Airdropped in Afghanistan over 6 Years

Low Velocity Parachutes make Significant Impact in Afghanistan

LCADS Parachute Systems:

In Stock & Ready to Ship

We have thousands of cargo parachutes, cargo nets, and parachute release clips in stock.

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